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5 Star Accounting & Business Solutions provides a range of year-round tax services. We cover all areas of tax preparation, planning, un-filed returns and multi-state income. Our dedicated staff will remove the burden of planning and maximizing your returns by asking the right questions, gathering important information, strategizing and evaluating tax implications for you and your organization.


Simplify your process and free time by utilizing your own, secure and encrypted client portal to share and transfer data from the luxury of your own home or office. Prefer to drop-off? We welcome you, look forward to seeing you and will simply scan your documents to our secure server and return the hard copies to you for safe keeping.

Tax Preparation

  • Individual
  • Corporation
  • S-Corporation
  • Partnership
  • Tax Exempt
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
  • Fiduciary/Trusts
  • Sales/Use Taxes
  • Property Tax

Tax/Strategic Planning

  • Advanced tax planning strategies.
  • Assistance with planning implementation.
  • Estimated tax calculations.
  • Year-end strategic planning.
  • Personal strategic planning for tax savings and building wealth.
  • Guidance during life changes including retirement, assets sales or acquisitions, changes in household (marriage, divorce and dependents).
  • Forgiveness of debt or foreclosures.
  • Medical

Other Tax Services

  • Filing past due or amended returns.
  • Prior year tax return reviews.

Specialty Areas

We service all areas of business and personal taxes; however, we focus our education on a few specialty areas.

  • Industries: Construction, Medical/Dental, Real Estate/Investments, Information Technology and Social/E-Commerce.
  • Specialty Tax Matters/Expertise: Rentals properties, 1031 Exchanges, self-directed IRA’s, R&D Tax credit, S-Corp election analysis, Accumulated Earnings, Cost Segregation.