The pandemic led to a number of health and economic crises we will continue to endure for some time.

The economic impacts have been particularly challenging for small business owners. More than 90% of small businesses report that they have had to reinvent their approach and business model in order to survive.

Adaptability is also a trait of a strong business operation — but its value is far greater today. Here are some tips small businesses can follow to help make up for some of the 2020 losses and sustain the early successes of 2021.

Pay attention to core customer

Your loyalty to your core customer must be evident — especially at a time when so many other businesses are doing everything in their playbook to attract new eyeballs.

Your marketing efforts must focus on the needs of those who have a genuine interest in what you offer.

The first step is to dive deeply into what the customer demographic looks like then appeal directly to their needs.

Boost loyalty and interest

It’s one thing to promote your brand and goods on social media. The true challenge is to provide a two-way street of engagement and direct communication.

Direct messaging outreach is the next big step in building an effective communication and social media strategy that gives your customers a direct line.

Your ability to connect and relate with your customers through these more personal channels will help generate greater interest in your products and brand.

Make it easy to say yes

Leveraging social media outreach is obviously a value you hold. But as stated above, social media must be more than a billboard.

One effective way to fuel your social media marketing is to deliver a no-nonsense offer to your customers’ direct messages.

Make it easy for your potential customer. A simple and concise message on how incredible the offer is and how to cash in will suffice. You might lose your clients’ interest if you bog them down with information overload.

Reinvest in yourself

You’ve worked hard to make a name for yourself and establish a strong reputation.

One of the most meaningful investments a business can make is in its brand. Branding is the bedrock of success because it is tied to your identity as a business.

Reinforcing what you do best through branding has potential for tremendous return on investment because it’s an investment in you.

Focus on long-term relationships

A key to happiness and success in business if treating everyone around you — your staff, customers and potential customers —– like you’ve known them for a lifetime.

Focusing on creating more long-term relationships is half the battle. Lifelong customers are those who feel valued and love the product or service you have to offer.

For service-based enterprises, business owners can always find new opportunity to provide value to their customers as they expand their offerings.

We know that every business has encountered a bump in the road this past year. As the world continues to change, we want to be there with you to help you adapt and thrive.

Please contact us to learn more about our business, support and advisory services so you can focus on your passion of running your business.