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We’re here to provide the different help that you need with accounting, tax, HR, and business development.

Business Consulting, Advisory & Formation

We understand each phase of starting a new business, expanding an existing business, limiting exposure or succession planning. A clearly defined plan, risk assessment, marketing strategy and efficient workflow solutions from technology to processes will reduce liability and cost and position you for sustaining your business objectives. As your interim partner in business, we’re there to align your goals.

  • Business Development Plans (new or existing business): Are you constantly making decisions on a whim? Are you entirely comfortable with the decisions that you make and do they support your short and long-term business goals? Do you know what your business goals are? 5 Star A.B.S. will help you develop a comprehensive business plan that supports your vision, leads to a clearly defined budget and reduces the stress of daily decision making.
  • Management Consulting / Workflow and Operational Assessments: Inefficient workflow or operations and a lack of policies and procedures are not as visible; therefore, costing many businesses valuable money, increasingly with time. Our consultants will evaluate your current processes and procedures and make recommendations and/or assist with improvements or create new procedures for newly formed business.    
  • Marketing: Our consultants specialize in several areas but we don’t claim to specialize in everything. However, we understand the need and great importance of marketing strategies and implementation. 5 Star A.B.S. has partnered with valuable marketing resources to support your existing plan and create/implement new strategies including website design, content writing, social media, SEO, printed publications and advertising material, grand openings/launch, press releases, blogs or newsletters and much more. We work hand-in-hand with our partners to ensure your strategies meet your budget and are appropriate for your industry/business.
Making a business entity selection will have varied tax and financial impacts. It’s important to understand your options and the effects your decision will have on tax and liability. Whether you are forming now or considering a change in election, our advisers will walk you through the options and assist with the process and paperwork.

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