Employment Compliance

Your payroll is up and running but don’t forget to take care of the following federal and state requirements!


New Hire / Employment Forms

Before you pay an employee and/or prior to their 1st day of work, you’ll need to gather the following, completed information from your new-hire. Contact us today for access to new hire forms or guidance regarding the recommended or required forms in your state or specific to your industry.

  • Completed W-4 Form reflecting the income tax they want withheld from their paychecks.
  • Completed I-9 Form certifying and verified by the employer that they are eligible to work in the U.S.
  • Other employment forms that are either mandated by your specific state or recommended to protect you and your employees from misunderstandings or miscommunication.


Report New Hires to Your State

As part of your payroll service with 5 Star Accounting & Business Solutions, we file this form on your behalf. Be aware that this is ultimately the employer’s responsibility should you cease services with our company, run your own payroll or utilize another service provider.


Order and Post Labor Law Posters and IWC Orders (Industrial Welfare Commission Wage Orders)

Contact us to order your laminated, state and federal labor law posters and for information regarding applicable IWC orders that you must post.


Be Educated in and Familiar with Labor Law Requirements

Ultimately, the employer is responsible for understanding and implementing the labor laws applicable to your industry and state. 2 of the top 5 claims against business’ today are Discrimination and Wage Law Violations. We specialize in helping you navigate the numerous regulations you must monitor and uphold including OSHA and CALOSHA, new-hire and termination, harassment issues, training, employee classifications, wage laws, handbooks and much more. Contact us today for further assistance in these necessary and important areas.


Obtain and Maintain Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Most employers are required to obtain and maintain Workers’ Compensation insurance. We are not licensed brokers and do not provide coverage; however, we do offer pay-as-you-go services to eliminate administration costs and large, up-front deposits or sums due at the end of the audit period. We additionally work with a number of brokers and direct carriers that can assist you. Contact us for further information regarding pay-as-you-go services or referral sources.


Other Benefits

Are you interested in, or currently do, provide other benefits to employees including retirement, health insurance, Section 125 plans, etc.? We do not provide benefits directly to our customers; however, we are happy to provide strategic consult regarding the tax benefits and plans that will best meet your goals then pass you to some of our trusted referrals to shop the plans and get you going! Contact us to schedule a consult or request referrals.