Sifting through dozens of resumes is just the beginning.


When it comes to hiring the right people, small businesses can ill afford to rush the process. Doing so can result in missing out on a partnership with a great company asset and individual.


When help is needed, there are some important questions to ask that can assist you in filtering the acceptable candidates from incredible candidates.


If you’re ready to find a great fit for you company, keep these essential interview questions in mind next time you’re hiring.


How will you leverage your previous work experience for this position?


Simply put, questions that relate directly to the role you’re filling provide valuable information about the capabilities of the potential hire.


Framing a question in this manner compels the applicant to discuss his or her knowledge and skills. The interviewer can then gauge that experience and how it fits the company’s needs.


In addition, when the experience aligns with what you’re looking for, you can observe hints about whether the applicant actually enjoys the work. If so, then you found someone who both is qualified and enthusiastic to dive right in.


What matters to you most in a company?


Learn their values. When you ask a candidate what is most important to him or her within the workplace, you discover if you match up culturally.


When the applicant seems like a natural fit with your company’s environment and values, you’re more likely to find someone who will grow, thrive and collaborate within your organization. Compatibility on this level leads to greater productivity and job satisfaction.


Tell me about your vision for yourself five years down the road.


This is not just about losing someone early.


Yes, retention is important, but this question explores candidates’ long-term goals and the ability to form a vision for themselves and the company they work for.


If the answer isn’t clear, you may have found someone who isn’t in it for the long-run. Worse, you’ll have a candidate who’s rudderless in their professional development.


Biggest weakness? Biggest strength?


Yes, this cliché of an interview question is valuable.


Because it has become somewhat of an expected question, you may find yourself hearing an unexpected answer.


The more you can learn about the applicant, the better. Listen for responses that tell you about an applicant’s ability to self-evaluate, handle criticism and show you their creative side.


All great employees carry these characteristics into the office each and every day.


Do you have any questions for me?


Almost any question from the person you interview is better than no response.


This question allows possible employees to ask about important things, like benefits or company culture.


Good questions also indicate a candidate’s preparedness and seriousness about the job. You’ll always want someone who’s prepared rather than someone who defers.


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