As you ramp up your operations, you might also be on the hunt for new help.


Hiring a new team member is rewarding as you set out to achieve new goals and expand business.


In today’s busy job market, however, it can be a bigger challenge to assemble a large pool of qualified candidates. Here are five tips that can help find the right person for the job.


Update job descriptions


Many companies are tempted to copy and paste the job description from a previous year’s opening.


With so much change over one year, and the value of specificity, employers should clarify the job details and lay out precise requirements and expectations. This helps filter out candidates who may not be up for the task.


Fortify recruitment strategy


The market is active with plenty of jobs and maybe not enough candidates to fill them.


Given the competition, companies must step up and strengthen their recruitment strategy so everyone is on the same page about the candidate sourcing and interview process. Hiring managers can get involved early to map out what the ideal candidate will look like then work with the recruitment team to strategize on outreach.


Scrutinize references


Everything can move fast once you find a potential fit. But that’s no reason to skirt the hiring process, especially when it comes to verifying information and learning about a candidate through their references.


As part of the background check, employers should take this opportunity to carefully review and speak with the provided references. Big things to look out for are the veracity of the candidates’ stated work history and reasons for leaving past employers.


Offer competitive pay


List the salary range and offer a competitive wage to standout and attract top talent.


This is one sure way to get ahead of the competition. And it shows a commitment to your employees. In today’s world, the interview process is sometimes a two-way interview — so you’ll want to be prepared to impress too.


Hire from within


There’s no better way to build employee morale than hiring from within. By advancing your own people, you demonstrate that you believe in the team and are willing to help members grow.


In some cases, the best person for the job may already be a part of the team. A good way to approach new hires is to check how interested current employees might be and ask for their input. Even if no one stands out, you at least show good leadership by including the team in the hiring process.