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How to reopen your business safely

The stop-and-go feel to reopening is causing some anxiety among company leaders and their workforce.


As you prepare to gradually and safely reopen to full business operations, here are some general guidelines to follow to ensure it’s done the right way.


Employees first


Since the early parts of 2020, you’ve taken care of your employees the best you can. During this next phase, nothing should change.


Show how much you care by weighing every operation decision on how well it safeguards your staff. Let them know what’s going on, ensure that business ops accommodate for social distancing, have a tracking system in place, organize shifts to have as few people in as necessary and rely on technology.


These are just some basics you can adhere to as you begin to expand in-building and in-person business.


Apply for funding


Many companies still face cash flow challenges as the economy recovers.


To protect your business and employees, consider applying for ongoing help from the Small Business Administration, which offers low-interest recovery loans, Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), Restaurant Revitalization Fund and SBA debt assistance.


Other funding sources, such as bank lending, should also be on the radar.


Stay flexible


As everyone knows, things can change in an instant. In an unpredictable world, companies must remain flexible and aware.


Stay on top of county, state and federal guidance on policy and recommendations, then act swiftly and accordingly. Everyone is in the same boat, but organizations that prioritize quick action show they truly care about the health and safety of their staff and communities.


Engage, engage, engage


Your customers are looking at you — so double down on your effort to reach out.


Use social media to reignite your connections and build excitement among your most loyal and potential customers. Other tools to increase engagement include the use of email marketing and text messaging campaigns that remind and introduce customers to the very best of what you have to offer.


Prioritize safety


While conditions are improving, there’s still a lot of worried individuals. Make your customers always feel safe by following all health and safety standards to the best of your ability.


Remember, some customers are at higher risk, so give them options that show you’re doing everything possible to keep them healthy. Curbside pickup, accessible information, flexible services and hours and new technologies can all put your customers at ease.


We understand these are challenging yet exciting times for your business. 5 Star Consulting is here to help you along the way. Our services are designed with one thing in mind: provide the support you need so you can do what you love the most, and that is running your business.


We offer bookkeeping, CFO services, payroll help, tax preparation, business advisory, and other services and consultative guidance. Together, we will help you hit your numbers in an ever-changing world. Contact us today to learn more about our services and our philosophy of helping you realize, reach and maintain your truest business intentions.

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