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QuickBooks Online – New Features

You said it, we listened and Intuit took action! If your an existing QuickBooks Online customer, this will only add value to the application you already use. If you’re using desktop or another software solution altogether and haven’t considered QBO in the past due to the limitations, this may be a good time to switch!

Check out some of the following, new features in QuickBooks Online:

  • Progress invoicing. This is a great feature for customers in industries that need to progress invoice against customer estimates (i.e. construction) and track your open estimates against un-billed project work.
  • Receive against purchase orders open purchase order incrementally. Historically, you couldn’t receive, enter bills or a check against an open purchase order for less then the quantity issued on the purchase order and track open or back ordered items. For example, if you received a shipment for less than the original purchase order, you were required to modify the original purchase order to the quantity you received and create a new purchase order for the back-ordered items. Yuck! You can now receive the actual inventory in the shipment and track open purchase orders and back-orders against the original purchase orders. Whew!
  • Connect online to your Paypal account in the bank feeds. If you’re already using QBO or desktop, you’re likely aware that you can easily connect your bank accounts to the feed for easier reconciliations. Now you can connect Paypal and the fees will auto-record for you! No more manual entries on this account.
  • Pay vendors electronically through QuickBooks Online (uses 3rd party application and additional fees apply).
  • Easier 1099 Tracking. Set up your vendors and send them an email to complete their profile including W9 information. Keep in mind that this does not bypass your requirements to obtain and retain a W9 for your vendors!
  • Project Tracking. Intuit has added a cool, new feature for project tracking Set up new projects tied to a client, view all of the transactions in the system related to the project including employee time tracking, estimates, invoices, etc., pull project profitability reports at the click of a button and review un-billed time and expenses or non-billable time. Existing customers can simply turn this feature on within the company settings.


What’s better? As a local ProAdvisor and Authorized Reseller for Intuit, we pass a discount to subscribers. Contact us today if you have any questions about the new features or to order QuickBooks Online.

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